PushPin Tray

Studio Initiated


The PushPin Tray holds objects in place on a stable surface that is designed to fix objects in position. The surface of the tray is composed of a grid of dynamic pins that compress down, simply by pressure, when something is placed on them. The surrounding uncompressed pins would act as walls and provide stability for the item and hold it securely in place. The compressed pins simply pop right back up once the object is removed, creating a carefree tray for all users, including children, elderly and the disabled. This simple mechanism of button pins is made up of three layers that can be easily cleaned by disassembling them from the main frame, adding to the ease and practically of the design.

Transporting a meal on a tray requires balance, good eyesight, and coordination. Some users no longer have these skills, or have not yet developed them (i.e. Children), while other users are simply in a rush. Research shows that many elderly and disabled people suffer from poor and deteriorating health simply because they struggle to eat their meals. This inspired us to bring ease and enjoyment back to mealtime, and promote healthy eating habits, not just for people with disabilities, but also for everyone else.

Pushpin tray is the only tray that can fix any tableware on its surface without the need for alignment. The design of this tray makes it suitable for all users who struggle with stability, as well as for anyone who wants to have their meal outside of the kitchen, as it is ergonomically designed to fit anyone’s lap.

• A’Design Award, Winner, 2015
• Red dot Award 2015
• Spark Award – Finalist 2015